Freshmen, Sophomore & Junior Residents

If you are a freshman, sophomore or junior student living on-campus, you are required to purchase a meal plan.  You will automatically be enrolled for the same meal plan in the spring semester. You will however, have to choose a new plan each academic year.  Unused meals will not carry over from the fall to spring semester. Unused Dining Dollars and Blazer Bucks will carry over from the fall to spring semester provided you are still on a meal plan in the spring. No unused funds roll over at the end of the academic year.  You have the first 2-weeks from the start of each semester to change your meal plan. Be sure to check out our meal plan pages to see which plans you are eligible for before requesting a change.

Freshmen: all 1st year students living on-campus are required to be on the Unlimited Block Plan

Sophomores: sophomore residents may choose between the Unlimited Block and 225 Block Plan

Juniors: junior residents may choose between the Unlimited Block, 225 Block, 160 Block or 100 Block Plan

Need help with your meal plan?

General Manager
John Kozik