Blazer Bucks

  • What are Blazer bucks?
    Blazer Bucks can be used as cash at any in town vendors. (see below for participants).
  • How do I purchase Blazer Bucks?
    Blazer Bucks are included in your meal plan. If you need to purchase more simply log on to Go to create an account/login. Then go to buy online to purchase the amount of Blazer Bucks you want. You must use a Visa or American Express credit card to load Blazer Bucks onto your ID card.
  • What if I accidently spend more than what is in my account?
    You can pay the difference with cash or credit card. Otherwise you will not be able to use your account until you add more Blazer Bucks.
  • Can Blazer Bucks be used on campus?
    Yes. Blazer Bucks can be used at all Campus Dining locations including The Centennial Room, Grab & Go, The P.O.D., cafe, and Subway
  • Do Blazer Bucks carry over from semester to semester?
    Yes. Monies do carry over. Upon graduation or withdrawal from MCLA balances of $25 or more will be refunded. Balances of less then $25 or unclaimed balances after 30 days of departure will not be refunded.

BLAZER BUCKS Local Vendors:


  • Domino's
    1 River Street
    North Adams
  • Pizza Works
    315 Ashland Street
    North Adams
  • Villiage Pizza
    51 Eagle Street
    North Adams